I’ve always valued the opportunity to help and make an impact on people’s lives to help them reach their true potential. Coming from a humble non riches filled background I know how much the right solution and direction can change lives. Right from the time I was in school, even though everything may have changed the windows logo from 1995 still resonates with me. The opportunity to look into the world of apps, technology and solutions. It’s always been my dream to work for Microsoft right from the first time I logged into my first PC at school till this day.

 And I hope through my love for people, desire to learn and drive to innovate I can join Microsoft to fulfill my dream to enable others through tech solutions.

Why Microsoft

Agorize Microsoft Challenge: Top 25 Finish

Partner with Carl Summers from McGill University under the mentorship of Alison Harrod, Microsoft to formulate an AI powered device to heal read water level changes to communities to help increase disaster readiness along with reduction of damage for the flood struck Eastern Canada regions. Created prototype and provided final presentation for the Microsoft powered Agorize challenge and finished in the Top 25. Read more here.

“Alvin not only exceeded the expectations of his peers and I but placed as the top student of those who were successful in this program.”Jennifer Catallo, LinkedIn

Second ever Learning Champion (SME) from British Columbia for LinkedIn. Conducted works for Project Management Institute of Toronto, AWE, OpenMeal, Simon Fraser University and others. Designed Community programs to build higher engagement and connection amongst learners and presently founding and leading along with a team of learners the first ever Learners Alumni Network bringing together over 3000+ learners from across North America. Shortlisted as Top 25 Changemakers from the program to have most positive impact on peers.

Top Learning Champion: LinkedIn Learning Ambassador 2020

Hosted Live Session for Supporting Community w/ Microsoft Leaders

As a part of the Wonsulting International Community as the lead along with my team hosted COVID 19 relief session with Microsoft leaders and leaders, Akosua Boadi-Agyemang & Olaseni Adeniji. Conducted Resume Critic + Networking workshop with Harpreet Kaur & Jake Hughson to support new student aspirants to bring together the community to support one another.

The online sessions encouraged sharing, learning networking and supporting community.

Have spent multiple hours completing Microsoft specific courses including Microsoft Essentials, Cloud Computing, Teams Usage, Dynamics 365 to continue to learn and build knowledge towards my goal of being able to work for Microsoft and support clients.

My certification can be reviewed here and on my LinkedIn certification tab here.

LinkedIn Learning Certifications: Microsoft Learning Journey

Udemy Microsoft 900 Essentials & Azure Fundamentals Courses Certification

Completed detailed courses, tests and certifications including video workshops, applications and exercises through Udemy provided by Microsoft Certified Trainer Kevin Brown.

My certification can be reviewed here and on my LinkedIn certification tab here.

From my Customer Success Mentors from Microsoft Deepika Malhotra & Amanda Bracco I have grown to continue to take my drive to learn and support people to the Microsoft Learn Platform to gather XP and win badges.

My progress can be tracked on my Microsoft Learn Profile & LinkedIn Certifications tab here.

Microsoft Learn Journey: Badges & Credentials

International Leaders Series: Microsoft Global Leaders Live @Sep 5th

Hosting Breaking Into Microsoft Live Session bringing together global Microsoft Leaders namely Harpreet KaurDasani MadipaliPooja Sund & Damian Lewis as a part of the Wonsulting International Speaker Series. Look forward to learning and sharing the knowledge from these wonderful leaders how they were able to learn, grow and shine through their time at Microsoft for others to learn and grow while being inspired by them.

Registration link to be out soon.