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Speaker & Host

From having once been afraid of speaking in front of crowds, Alvin Meledath now frequently leads live webinars on LinkedIn & YouTube with industry leaders from top organizations such as Microsoft, Amazon, LinkedIn, and more. Alvin has also been a speaker at multiple events and institutions like Stanford, Project Management Institute, Vancouver Island University, Harvard University and many more. Themes and topics that Alvin specializes in speaking at hosting events are as follows:

  • Networking
  • Finding Your Voice & Content
  • Mentorship
  • Dealing with Anxiety
  • Finding Your Way – For New Grads, Professionals & Immigrants

You can send me an invite for hosting or a speaking engagement opportunities by reaching out and emailing me at [email protected]

Facilitating Workshops

I master providing workshops to both students and professionals. Having conducted 20+ workshops, these are a few of the domains I specialize conducting workshops in:

  • Rock Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Integrating for International Navigators
  • Networking

I have completed workshops for Applied Work Experience (AWE), PMP Toronto, TXT, OpenMeal, Wonsulting, Orbit Five, and multiple other organizations. If you would be interested in booking a session you can send a note of interest to my email.


Wonsulting International Feature: Speaker Host Leading PM Discussions from Yahoo & LinkedIn

Podcast Feature: Finding Your Voice Being International

Shine Mentorship

If you’d be interested in one on one mentorship which could include one one one check-in’s and guidance either on a weekly and bi-weekly bases you can schedule a discovery call to learn more about mentee positions that might be available. These are the following spaces I am presently supporting mentees: